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Work with Dr. Tasha, The Real MBP

Dr. Tasha is The Millennial Black Professor® (The MBP) and founder of your premier destination for amplifying representation, cultivating perspective, and empowering community. At The MBP, we nurture the whole person through a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be personally and professionally.

Ready to transform your academic, professional, or entrepreneurial journey?

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Completing the service inquiry form allows us to gain an initial understanding of your needs and assess whether The MBP's offerings are a fit for your objectives.



After submitting the inquiry form, you'll receive a link to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. We'll delve deeper into your specific needs and discuss how The MBP can support your journey to success.



Following the consultation, you'll receive a detailed proposal outlining our path forward to establish, ensure, and maintain transparency and alignment from the start of our collaboration.




Here's how

How The MBP can help

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Working Within Wellness Services

Dive deep into your personal and professional development journey with our customized coaching programs. Whether you're looking to outline the blueprint of your burgeoning small business with mind mapping sessions or ready to shift limiting personal narratives to walk in your purpose and achieve your goals, The MBP is here to support your holistic success.


Speaker Services

Engage, inspire, and transform with The MBP's speaker services. Tailored keynotes, workshops, and facilitated educational sessions are designed to share knowledge, spark dialogue, and encourage action. Through these engagements, we strive to amplify marginalized voices by cultivating inclusive spaces for learning and growth.

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Document Prep Services

Elevate your written materials and visuals with our tailored document preparation services. From expert dissertation consulting and informed curriculum development to masterful copywriting, web, and graphic design for presentations, resumes, emails, reports, letters, and proposals – we ensure your ideas shine and your voice resonates.

Hello from Dr. Tasha

Hi! I'm Dr. Tasha, The MBP Owner and Principal Consultant. Welcome to my world: where higher education meets entrepreneurship and, together, we shape narratives, inspire success, and achieve greatness. 


With degrees in Sociology; Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership; and Language, Literacy, and Culture, I'm a three-time, first-generation college graduate driven by a passion for facilitating underrepresented access and success in education, entrepreneurship, and wellness. I'm passionate about teaching, consulting, and coaching, with a focus on Working Within Wellness™.

As the visionary behind The MBP and TMBP Media, I've cultivated platforms that bridge educational empowerment with media innovation, targeting underserved communities and amplifying diverse voices. The MBP leverages my expertise as a seasoned academic and growing entrepreneur to mentor and guide the next generation of underrepresented scholars, professionals, and business owners focusing on the nuanced challenges faced by people of color. TMBP Media extends this mission into the digital realm, producing content that educates, inspires, and engages a global audience on critical social issues. Both ventures are united in their goal to foster a more inclusive, informed, and empowered society. 

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Working with The MBP is for you if you

need to get unstuck personally and professionally.

Unleash your true potential with personalized coaching that navigates with you through roadblocks toward your with clarity and confidence.

need a dynamic speaker for your upcoming event.

Elevate your event with compelling keynotes and workshops that inspire action, foster critical thinking, and ignite meaningful dialogue for empowerment and change.

need to save time drafting documents and presentations.

Streamline your processes with expert document preparation and presentation services that capture your message with precision, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

What's the Word on the Street?

Small Business Strategic Planning with The A.R.T. Project

If you are looking for an organization that has your business' goals and vision interest at the heart of what they do, choose The MBP. They make things easy and simple while educating you throughout the process. I was completely overwhelmed with starting a business and getting myself out there. With the help of MBP, I have been able to adopt an organizational method to assist me with keeping track of tasks that need to be completed, as well as tracking my progress!


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