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Each day we strive to make it


BLACK home
BLACK to the future.
BLACK in one piece.

Where being healed, whole - in one piece - is the goal.

Where being Black is a BOP, like a song we replay every three minutes and 30 seconds of every day (shout-out to L.Boogie).

Where being Black is a vibe. All the time.

ICT Transplants™

Explore Wichita through the eyes of its transplants, weaving together the diverse narratives of those who've made this city their home away from home. Based on Dr. Tasha's transition to Kansas as a Virginia native, we explore the reasons people arrive and the bonds that convince them to stay, uncovering the unique challenges and joys of adapting to life in "the heart of the country." Listen in as we engage in intimate conversations on discovery, connection, and community in Wichita.

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A three-time first-generation college graduate, Dr. Tasha — with help from students she's aided to and through bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs; mentors and colleagues gained along the way; and friends and family who've been there through it all — explores what it looks and feels like to work within wellness, including tips and tricks for academic work-life balance, maintaining mental and physical health, and navigating systemic barriers.

The Gathering ICT

Hear from Black professionals in ICT, how The Gathering has positively impacted their growth and reach, and ways you can get connected. 

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What do you get when a professor, college admissions expert, community initiatives manager, and disability services specialist meet on a podcast?  The FIRST-GENPRINT.

Stay tuned.

2KC: The Podcast

Learn firsthand how working with the owners of 2 Kellys Consulting, LLC can change your life. Corinthian Kelly, Stand Together Initiatives Manager, and Latasha Eley Kelly, Owner and Founder of The Millennial Black Professor and TMBP Media, share real-life examples of common pain points in small business, community organizing, and personal development and how to overcome them.

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