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Dr. Latasha N. Eley Kelly (Tasha) is Founder and CEO of The MBP.


What began as an online hub for a blog, podcast, and speaking engagements to further Tasha’s postdoctoral academic research quickly evolved to meet a growing need. Throughout her undergraduate and master’s programs, and while earning her Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Culture, Tasha helped friends, classmates, co-workers, and family with perfecting various written projects. Her love of books and reading from an early age equipped her with a robust vocabulary and an ear and eye for correct sentence structure, flow, and idea development. Over the years, Tasha leveraged these gifts toward the career and academic advancement of numerous students and professionals.


Her work has supported more than two dozen scholars of color in attaining advanced degrees, with at least four going on to become doctors and two in progress. Many of the individuals Tasha assisted came to her with important concepts they struggled to express in writing. Recognizing a persistent gap she enjoyed filling, Tasha knew she could do more with the appropriate foundation,

and The Millennial Black Professor was conceived.


Many companies and organizations view productivity as the ultimate marker of success which makes time savers invaluable. Individuals are finding less and less time in the day to do the things that keep them physically healthy, bring them joy, foster interpersonal connection, and maintain mental wellness.  Submit a Service Inquiry Form, and let The MBP save you time while taking your creative ideas and unique projects to the next level.

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