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The MBP offers tailored writing, editing, and document preparation services; web design; higher education support; and professional consulting.  Submit a Service Inquiry Form, and let The MBP save you time while taking your creative ideas and unique projects to the next level.

Developmental Analysis

With our most in-demand and comprehensive service, you will receive your line-edited project with a detailed report outlining flexible suggestions for improvement, idea construction, and concept alternatives. A 30-minute follow-up session is included to discuss the recommendations.

Academic Assessment

Available to aid all levels of college students in producing work that successfully conveys their thoughts, correctly implements style guides, and adheres to other requirements.

Line Editing

A thorough review for typographical and grammatical errors, sentence structure, flow, tone, and clarity.


Your project, in its final stages, will be examined for typographical and grammatical errors.



"I highly recommend Dr. Eley-Kelly’s editing services! Her schedule was flexible, she has the patience of Job, and her passion for assistive editing exudes with every line! I owe a large part of my successful proposal and ultimately my defense to her expertise and enthusiasm!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with me!"

-Rhonda C.

"The editing relationship with Tasha is a two-way street where I feel my voice is heard and maintained and there's a willingness to learn from each other."

-T. O.

"With Latasha, you not only get an editor but a listener and someone who's relatable and real with her feedback."

-D. Coleman

Dr. Eley "The MBP" has been a big asset to my success in college. Her wisdom and editing advice saved so many of my papers!"

-Skylar R.

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